Регистриран земеделски производител Венета Димитрова продава натурален, пчелен мед./Registered farmer Veneta Dimitrova sells natural bee honey.

Казвам се Венета Борисова Димитрова, регистриран земеделски производител и потомствен пчелар. Регистрационен номер на пчелина: 3328-0150. Създадох този сайт по три причини. Първата е, за да Ви разкажа за моя роден край – северозападното селце Крива Бара разположено в един от завоите на река Огоста. Втората, за да Ви запозная с природно решение на две от гибелните заплахи за пчелите  – Colony Collapsse Disorder(CCD) – синдром на празния кошер и акара Varroa destructor. И третата, за да потърся Вашата подкрепа за съхранение и опазване на пчелните семейства с естествени методи, предавани от поколения.

Основният пчелен продукт, който предлагам е натурален, пчелен мед.  Медът е полифлорен: ливадни билки(лавандула, мащерка, бъз, маточина, босилек, детелина, бял и жълт кантарион, невен, мечо грозде, липа и много други растения и билки) от екологично чист район – село Крива Бара, област Враца.

1. Разфасовка – 300 грама – 3 лева – цена за килограм 10 лв.
Цена за 5 броя – 14 лв. цена за килограм 9,33лв.
Цена за 10 броя – 27 лв. цена за килограм 9лв. (налично количество в град София – 0886 845 117 квартали – Младост 4 и Малашевци).
2. Разфасовка – 750 грама – 6 лева – цена за килограм 8 лв.
Цена за 5 броя – 29лв. цена за килограм 7,73лв.
Цена за 10 броя – 55 лв. цена за килограм 7,33лв.лв. (налично количество в град София – 0886 845 117 квартали – Младост 4 и Малашевци).
3. Разфасовка – Стъклен буркан с винтова капачка – 900 грама – 9 лева – цена за килограм 10 лв.
(налично количество в град София – 0886 845 117 квартали – Младост 4 и Малашевци).
4. Разфасовка – 3 килограма – 25лева – цена за килограм 8,33 лв.
Цена за 2 броя – 48лв. цена за килограм 8лв.
Цена за 4 броя – 90 лв. цена за килограм 7,50лв.лв. (налично количество в град София – 0886 845 117 квартали – Младост 4 и Малашевци).
Ако медът е в твърдо състояние – захаросан, чрез естествена кристализация. Да се разтопява на водна баня до 39 °C в продължение на поне 48часа:

Доставка с Еконт и Спиди.

0887 921 130 Венета Димитрова

0886 612 044 Поръчки и доставки

0886 845 117 – English support

Пчелинът не е третиран с антибиотични вещества и лекарства.

Registered farmer
Veneta Dimitrova sells natural bee honey harvest 2017. Bee registration number:
3328-0150. Honey is a polyflora: meadow herbs from an ecologically clean area.

1. Packaging – 300 grams – 3 leva – price per kilogram BGN 10 Price for 5 pieces – 14 lv. Price per kilogram 9,33lv. Price for 10 pieces – 27 lv. Price per kilogram 9 lv. (available quantity in Sofia – 0886 845 117 neighborhoods – Mladost 4 and Malashevtsi)

2. Packaging – 750 grams – 6 leva – price per kilogram BGN 8 Price for 5 pieces – 29lv. price per kilogram 7.73lv. Price for 10 pieces – BGN 55 price per kilogram BGN 7,33. (available quantity in Sofia – 0886 845 117 neighborhoods – Mladost 4 and Malashevtsi).

3. Packaging – Glass jar with screw cap – 900 grams – 9 leva – price per kilogram BGN 10

Delivery with Econt

The honey is in the
solid state – candied by natural crystallization. To melt in a water bath at 37° C for at least 48 hours.

The village of Kriva
Bara is situated in the most fertile area of Bulgaria – ”Zlatia”. It is located
25 km from Kozloduy and 3 km from the village of Hayredin. The place boasts a
unique landscape – a river shaping a beautiful meander in the Danube Plain, which
is world famous for its natural herbs, healthy vegetables and sunflower. A
scenic and peaceful spot. I believe that everyone who decides to get to know
Bulgaria should visit it by all means.
Here you can taste natural bee honey and learn about traditional
methods of keeping and protecting bees. With the help of local herbs I solve
the common problems associated with the recently widespread honeycomb syndrome
and Varroa destructor parasite. I use a traditional herbal decoction whose
prescription has been handed down in my family for generations.
I myself grow, provide and prepare the ingredients all the
year round. They are as follows:
1. 30 g dry leaves of wormwood (Artemisia) in the vegetation
phase – (harvested after mid-April).
2. 30g dried leaves and basil cymes (Ocimum basilicum) –
(harvested at the end of July, early August).
3. 30g dried leaves and Melissa officinalis inflorescences –
(harvested after mid-April).
4. 30 g Juniperus dry tips or pine tips – (picked in early
spring – February or March).
5. 500 g of wormwood (Artemisia) – dry in blooming phase
(picked at the end of August, beginning of September).
The ingredients are placed in 5 liters of pure water. Boil
for 8 to 10 hours on low heat in a pot (a 800W cooker on 1). Leave it in a cool
place for about 10 hours and then strain through 4-5 layers of pure cloth.
Prepare immediately before use.
25-30 ml of extract per liter of feed syrup (1.3 cups / 1
water). The herbal decoction can be used at any time (from March to October)
and it enhances the immunity of the bee families. Its action on mites is
through the bees’ hemolymph. It should be used up to 6 days after preparation
(and best immediately), because if it stays longer, its effect will reduce
significantly (store in a clean bottle in the refrigerator – up to 6
days).Regardless of whether we are beekeepers or not, consumers of honey or
not, all of us crucially depend on bees. But they are disappearing. From
experience, I can claim that the evidence of the collapse of thousands of bee
families in Bulgaria and around the world is absolutely accurate. In addition
to the natural threats, the chemicals used to treat agricultural crops are some
of the immediate dangers caused by human activity. For the last 20 years, it has
not been difficult to notice that the emerging radio antennas and mobile cells
have also had a negative effect. More and more bees are unable to return to
their hives because of being disoriented, and remain close to the stations or
disappear without trace.
It is a well-known fact that nearly 92 percent of all plants
need natural pollination, and bees have a crucial role to play in this respect.
In addition, bees act as a natural filter. When there are heavy metal and
poison particles in the collected pollen and nectar, the bees keep them in
themselves in the processing, so the honey remains clean. However, as a result
of that, the bees are dying. Thus, in addition, millions of bees each year die
prematurely from the accumulated poisons. Let’s remember it when we spread our
favorite slice of bread with honey and when the taste of healthy fruits and
vegetables fills us with natural juices and vital energies. When sitting in the
thick shade of a blooming tree we can feel the fragrant smell of spring, let us
remember that bees selflessly make the world more beautiful, stable and healthy
for all.
Any working solution for the protection of bees needs strong
public support both for fundraising and for practicing and preserving the
species, and its natural habitats. Therefore, the dissemination of this
information will be beneficial to all bees and humans.

+359 887 921 130 ,

+359 886 612 044

+359 886 845 117 – English support

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